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Pilates Mat - Advanced Exercise - Swan Rocking

Swan Rocking is an advanced Mat Pilates exercise where one develops mobility and strength in the spine and a stretch in the abdominals which is great to counter all the abdominal work done within the Pilates repertoire.

The upper body is working to maintain scapular stability (shoulders down and wide) and the entire back chain including the legs are working to be able to maintain a nice rocking position throughout the exercise.

Swan Rocking increases back extension, strengthens the back extensors, hamstrings and glutes.


Keep the abdominals turn on and engaged throughout the exercise

Keep the spine elongated by imagining you are a rocking horse, maintaining a nice rocker shape

Engage the glutes and hamstrings throughout

Keep the shoulders back and down and neck long


None, however there are many exercises within pre-Pilates and the beginning mat work to help someone progress to this level of exercise.


Avoid for low back, neck and shoulder injuries


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