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Why you should incorporate an Oov into your Pilates practice

Incorporating the Oov into your existing Pilates routine creates a state of instability in order to give the user feedback. When this happens, clients are able to achieve more efficient movement.

Lying supine on the Oov helps with lengthening the spine (axial elongation). This position facilitates rotational instability thus requiring core control through the feedback given from the Oov.

This position allows for better movement in terms of the hips, shoulders and spine all while maintaining core control.

Using the Oov on the Trapeze is a great marriage to challenge the existing Trapeze exercises by using the Oov in the various positions along with the various body positions found in everyday life such as: upright, face down, supine, reverse, sidelying, prone, quadruped, table top, standing against a wall, standing balance, seated, and balance.


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