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Pilates for Beginners - Mat Pilates - The Hundred

The Hundred is a beginning exercise almost always done in the beginning of a Pilate session.

This exercise gets the circulation going, gets the blood flowing, get the abdominals to wake up to get into a Pilates session.

The main purpose of this exercise is to warm up the body, learn to breathe deeply, increase abdominal strength, learn to stabilize the torso and lower back, and learn to pick the head up from the torso in abdominal exercises.


Lower the legs only as far as the low back is able to support

Press the lower ribs into the mat to help you lift the head up!

Imagine a peach underneath the chin

Energy shoots out from the arms and fingers

Breath for 5 inhales, 5 exhales either use sniff breath or long inhales, long exhales


Table top version- keep the knees and hips bent to 90 degree angle. Maintain that position as the upper body rolls up (don’t pass the top of the shoulder blades) to pulse the arms.

For an intermediate position- straighten the legs to the ceiling and the upper body rolls up to pulse the arms.


For neck and shoulder injuries - One must support the neck and upper body with a wedge pillow or a rolled up large towel, performing the exercise with the focus of just the lower body.

For low back injuries - Work with an imprinted spine meaning flattening your low back to the mat and imagine not allowing anything to pass through the low back. Keep the legs in table top to avoid stress in the low back.

Avoid with osteoporosis


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