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Pilates and Barrels - Intro to Clara Step Barrel Lite and Pilates Arc

The idea behind the Clara Step Barrel Lite and Pilates Arc originally came from Joseph Pilates. These barrels are designed to strengthen the core and increase the flexibility of the spine. Both barrels are lightweight, portable and an inexpensive version of the original Step Barrel.

These new and inexpensive barrels allow for more people to be introduced to the Pilates System in the comfort of their own home.

The dimensions of the Clara Step Barrel Lite provide greater support for the lumbar spine, more precise pelvic placement, and features the same “high arc” as the original Step Barrel.

The Pilates Arc has more of a gradual curve and more of a rounded step which makes it ideal for group classes.

The Pilates Arc is designed to fit on all Balanced Body Reformers in order to create new exercises, create new challenges, and develop coordination, strength and balance. It’s also provides support for pregnant clients making Reformer exercises accessible and accommodating for mama.

This is my first edited live session, so please have a Pilates mat along with the Pilates Arc, Clara Step Barrel Lite, and 1-3 lbs hand held weights.

The exercises shown strengthen the core, stretch the spine, increase lumbar flexibility, strengthen the back extensors, stretch the anterior shoulder and anterior hip, increase torso flexibility and stability, develop pelvic stability, increase the flexibility of the hamstrings, strengthen the torso in rotation, stretch the mid and upper back, learn about axial elongation, stretch the sides of the torso, strengthen the oblique abdominals, strengthen the upper body, learn to mobilize the hips, stretch the adductors and hip flexors, and develop stability of the torso and pelvis in side lying. WOW!

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These exercises are intended for movers who have no neck, upper and or lower back injuries. Avoid with osteoporosis for most exercises.


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Paola Karroum and My Crazy Pilates Life, recommend you consult with a physician before starting any new exercise program.

The information given here is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Please stop if you feel any pain or dizziness.

You understand that physical activity can pose a risk and by watching this channel and these videos you assume all risk and release Paola Karroum and My Crazy Pilates Life, from all liability.


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