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Mat Pilates - Intermediate Exercise - Single Leg Kicks

Single Leg Kicks is an Intermediate Mat Pilates exercise. From the prone position (lying on your belly), one presses the forearms into the Mat to work on scapular stability and back extension strength.

The hamstrings and glutes are working hard to maintain the hips while the back of the leg is kicking in. Pay attention to your alignment by keeping the lower leg in line with the thigh.

The front of the quadriceps, the front of the hips and the abdominals are getting a lovely stretch!

The head is in line with the spine, keeping your gaze facing in front of the hands working on axial elongation in extension.


Keep the shoulders down and wide

Neck is long

Head in line with the spine

No sagging bellies!

Think energy shooting through the back of the legs, up throughout the body and out through the crown of the head

Keep the lower leg in line with the thigh

Keep the torso stable as the leg works


For shoulder injuries - Lie prone with the head on the hands to decrease the stress at the neck, shoulders and low back.


For low back injuries - In the prone position, press the pubic bone towards the mad to decrease the pressure on the lower back.

Knee problems - Try stretching the quadriceps in the prone position first before starting the exercise to decrease knee discomfort. Limit the range of motion in knee flexion.


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