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Mat Pilates - Beginning Exercise - Saw

The Saw is a beginning Mat Pilates exercise and part of a series of three sitting exercises found in the beginning mat repertoire. This exercise helps increase the range of motion of the spine in rotation (spinal mobility), improve lumbopelvic stability in sitting position, stretch the mid and upper back (dynamic flexibility), and increase mobility at the shoulder girdle.

This idea is to imagine you are sitting nice and tall, as if you were up against a flat wall to begin. Energy is shooting down the back of the legs and through the heels and energy is shooting through the arms and out the fingertips. The pelvis is right over the sit bones and the spine is on top of the pelvis.

Inhale sitting tall, reach the arms forward and round the mid and upper back to round the torso over as if you were rounding over a big beach ball and allow the back of the shoulder blades to come up and over the rib cage as the torso rounds forward.

Exhale and slide the shoulders back and down and stack yourself up one vertebrae at a time back to start position, feeling taller each time.


Image a string is coming up through the crown of the head, feeling taller

Abdominals are engaged to help lift the pelvis up and off the legs

Feel the backs of the shoulder blades protract (widen) and retract (squeezing the spine)

KEEP THE PELVIS IN POSITION AS YOU STRETCH FORWARD in order to keep the stretch in the mid and upper back.


Tight hamstrings- Bend the knees slightly and or sit up on a pad, rolled up town and or mat


For low back and hip injuries- Keep a micro bend in the knees to keep the stress out of the low back

For shoulder injuries- If the shoulders are not comfortable at shoulder height, slide the hands along the mat as you round forward

Avoid with osteoporosis


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