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Mat Pilates - Beginner Exercise - Spine Stretch Forward

Spine Stretch Forward is a wonderful Mat Pilates exercise, a first of three beginner sitting exercises found in the repertoire.

The purpose of this exercise is to work on sitting posture, axial elongation, learn how to sit up tall with support, stretch the mid and upper back (increase spinal mobility), increase the mobility of the shoulder blades, work on hamstring flexibility, and improve pelvic stability in a sitting position.


Sit up on the sit bones sharply, as if you have hot lava flowing underneath you

Pull the abdominals in and up to lift the pelvis off the legs

For axial elongation, imagine someone with their hand on top of your head, push up and away to feel taller

Keep the shoulder blades wide as you slide the scapula’s up and over the back of the rib cage and depress the scapula’s back down the back as you stack the spine up to start position

Do not hyperextend the knees!


Tight hamstrings- Keep a micro bend at the knees or sit up on a pad, rolled up town and or mat


For low back and hip injuries- Sit up on a pad to take the stress out of the low back and hips and keep a micro bend at the knees

For shoulder injuries - Slide the arms along the mat instead of extending the arms out at shoulder height

Avoid with osteoporosis


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