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Mat Pilates - Beginner Exercise - Rolling Like a Ball

Rolling Like a Ball is a great beginner level mat Pilates exercise.

For people new to Pilates, a lot of this exercise is to teach how to balance between the tailbone and sit bones as the feet come off the mat. One also experiences how the front and back of the body are working together to work in sync with the pelvis as you are rolling on your spine.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop pelvic stability, core control, coordination, balance, improve spinal articulation and flexibility, and improve scapular stability while keeping the shoulders down.

What really attracts me to this classic Pilates exercise is that it's playful. It breaks up the seriousness of a mat class and clients love it because it feels wonderful to roll on the spine.

NOTE - Please perform this exercise on a Pilates Mat (thicker than a yoga mat) with a cleared space around you! Read up on my blog post about must have Pilates props and equipment to purchase your Pilates mat.


Keep the shoulders down with a bent at the elbows in a wide position

Imagine you are a ball and keep the upper body rounded and your eye gaze looking at the tops of your thighs

When rolling, don’t pass the top of the shoulder blades

Try not to use your legs to control the roll. Really engage the core so lead this exercise


Find your balance- For a beginner, engage the abdominals, hold the back of your thighs and balance by floating your feet off the floor. Return the feet down on the mat to start position

Larger Ball- Place the hands in the back of the thighs instead of on top of the shins, keep the elbows wide to create a larger ball

For a bony sacrum or protruding tailbone - Place towels along the sides of the sacrum to create a runway space for the sacrum or tailbone to roll in


For hip and low back injuries - Try just balancing between the tailbone and sit bones. Avoid rolling on the spine.

Avoid with osteoporosis


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