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Why is the Oov unique?

The Oov has 3 curves to support the natural curvature of the spine.

The pelvis is supported under the sacrum and positioned up off the ground, creating what's called an "open loop" for the pelvis. This enables it to move in all three plans while lying on the Oov.

The base of the Oov is curved both longitudinally (allowing for axial elongation) and laterally (activating pelvic rotational stability for the user).

Most of the support from the Oov is for the lumbar spine, reducing extension and flexion.

The narrowing of the Oov is designed for the thoracic spine which encourages the most amount of movement.

The Oov is designed with a slight decline, which encourages a gentle decompression of the intervertebral discs evenly throughout the spine.

There are scapular cutaways in the Oov which allow the scapular to move freely

The results of the Oov is :

  • comfortable

  • supportive

  • flexible

  • dynamic

  • unstable

  • proprioceptive

Example of lying longitudinally on the Oov


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