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What are the 9 Pilates Principles?

Breathing- "Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very lift depends on it."- Joseph Pilates

Concentration- is to pay attention to what you are doing. Without concentration, one loses their form and purpose.

Control- To have control one must maintain proper form, alignment and continued effort during each movement exercise and transition.

Centering- When practicing Pilates, channel the mind to focus the movement radiating outward from the center. By doing so, one is creating a strong, stable, and flexible powerhouse which is the defining feature of this form of exercise.

Precision- the ability to do the exercises with optimum alignment, unconscious control and just the right amount of effort.

Balanced Muscle Development- by creating balanced muscle development, one will see: improvements in their posture which leads to more fluid, harmonious, and enhanced physical abilities with ease, economy, and efficiency.

Rhythm and Flow- by practicing your Pilates practice, you will soon find a sense of flow that is smooth, graceful, balanced and for the mind, body and spirit.

Whole Body Development- the Pilates exercise system is about integrating the mind, body, and spirit while creating whole body experiences in a well balanced life.

Relaxation- to reap the rewards of practicing the Pilates exercise system, one must understand that there is a wonderful balance between effort and relaxation. Practicing this last principle is critical for having a well balanced mind and body.


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