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The humble Foam Roller

About the Foam Roller: The humble Foam Roller began its career as packing material before it was adopted as an exercise tool by physical therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners and Pilates instructors in search of ways to provide balance and stability challenges for their students. The foam roller is now used in Pilates mat classes, Pilates equipment classes, personal training sessions, physical therapy sessions and by home users around the world.

Benefits of the Foam Roller:

Dynamic stabilization: The roller is a dynamic platform that neurologically informs clients when they are and are not stable, thus connecting to one’s proprioception. The feedback from the foam roller trains both muscles and the nervous system to respond efficiently to dynamic surfaces such as moving cars, subway trains, skis, bicycles, people conveyor, etc.

Balance: The dynamic, unstable surface of the foam roller helps train balance to keep clients moving safety through life.

Myofascial release and self massage: such self massage helps release areas of chronic tension in order to move with efficiency and ease.

Variety and fun: The roller adds variety to a workout, creating new opportunities to help practice new exercises and to keep any class fun and challenging.

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