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Small Balls

Small Balls are a fun and inexpensive way to add variety, stability challenges, self massage and enhance a Mat class by creating a deeper connection with the midline of the body.

While there are many types of balls, I will discuss my top three:

8-10” Inflatable Ball- will enhance one’s core awareness.

12” Togu Balance ball- increased proprioception, stability, challenge and support.

2” hard rubber ball-used for release work and self massage

Fun Fact: The ball was not used by Joseph Pilates however, with the advancement of Pilates, a simple ball is a powerful teaching tool that adds variety and fun to a basic Mat class.

Benefits with working with small balls

Dynamic Stabilization- adding a ball to your Pilates practice helps wake up the nervous system and helps train the stabilization of the pelvis, shoulder girdle and torso. As one experiences Pilates is the various body positions (supine, prone, side lying or prone, or under the pelvis. The presence of the ball requires stability in order to stay well placed while executing an exercise. Note: the more inflated the ball, the more challenge it adds to stability work.

Myofascial release and self massage- A pinky ball and some of the 5” hard balls are useful to massage out any tension and improve alignment.

Enhanced core work- Placing the 5” and 12” inflatable balls between the hands or legs adds midline challenges similar to the ring work.

The Togu ball under the torso or pelvis requires clients to stay focused on the core for many of the Pilates exercises and gives the client a great opportunity to engage the right muscles and create wonderful movement experiences for new bees or clients recovering from injuries.

Creating joint mobility- Whether performing exercises that require spinal flexion, spinal extension, lateral flexion and rotation, adding the ball enhances spinal articulation and better movement quality all while enhancing the body’s three main sensory systems: proprioception, vision, and vestibular.

Other exercises such as Hip Mobility and Footwork with the ball creates more openness and mobility in the hips, knees, and feet.

Variety and fun: All of the balls can be used to either assist and or challenge a client’s Pilates practice, create new movement experiences

to a basic Pilates Mat class.

Please visit the Balanced Body Shop to order your small balls today!


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