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Reformer Pilates - Intermediate Exercise - Coordination

Coordination is an Intermediate Reformer Pilates exercise. This exercise is a variation of The Hundred however it increases the abdominal and arm work, especially the Latissimus Dorsi which is the widest muscle of the back. It is the Lats that keep the arms connected to the torso when hanging from the hands.

The rhythm and flow I create makes the principles of Pilates really come to fruition. For example, precision is one of the principles that really resonate with me here. How precise can I be when coordinating my mind and body to work together, to get the breath really working?

The purpose as to why we practice Coordination is to strengthen the abdominals, hip flexors, Latissimus Dorsi and our adductors (inner thighs)

It also Increases thoracic flexibility and coordination, learn to connect the arms to the core and work on pelvic stability as the legs travel away from the center. All in all, a wonderful exercise and a favorite of mine.


Remember to engage the abdominals first then begin the exercise

As you maintain your scooped abdominals, think about breathing through the sides and back of the rib cage, really inhale through the ribs, exhale and hollow the abdominals more deeply

Lower the legs only as far as you can maintain the position of the low back

Feel the backs of the shoulder blades on the carriage, keep an open chest and shoulders back and down


None however practice The Hundred to best prepare for Coordination


Low back, hip and sacroiliac joint problems - Do not extend the legs away from the center. Keep the legs in table top (knees bent at 90 degrees)

Neck and shoulder injuries - Support the upper body with a wedge and or towels

Pregnancy - Avoid after 16 weeks

Avoid with osteoporosis, active lumbar disc injuries and sciatica


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