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Pilates Instructor = Body Detective

As a Pilates instructor, I am trained to observe movement and alignment. There's a wonderful thing called the vertical and horizontal plumb line. It's a neutral line that places the body in optimal position with gravity. With that in mind, one can observe a body vertically or horizontally and assess from there.

Imagine observing yourself with the plum line from the front, back and sides. Where would your body be placed with that neutral plum line? With that assessment performed, I'll have a basic understanding of your posture and how to best move you.

The day and life of a Pilates instructor feels a lot like a detective. I am constantly observing my clients alignment and how they move.

Front and Back Vertical Alignment- observing a body with a vertical plum line will give clues about their deviations. When I am observing someone, I am asking myself if: the ribs are centered or is there a a shift? Are the hips leveled or is there an up-slip or down-slip? Are the legs aligned or are there deviations?

Side View Vertical Alignment- the side views give clues for me to assess how well your front and back of the body is balanced.

Horizontal Observation and Assessment- observing the front and back on the body with a horizontal plum line will give me clues to see if the right and left sides of the body are balanced or are there imbalances?

Overall, by conducting a postural analysis, it will help me assess you, identify your weaknesses and create a customized plan to correct such imbalances and enjoy life with the 3 E's in mind which are ease, economy, and efficiency.


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