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Mat Pilates - Intermediate Exercise - Open Leg Rocker

Open Leg Rocker is an Intermediate Mat Pilates exercise.

It is an exercise where one rolls on their spine and part of a series of rolling exercises.

This exercise develops core control, balance, coordination, scapular stability, and increase spinal mobility.


Perfect balancing between the sit bones and tailbone first!

Have a clear area to practice rolling on your spine

Do not roll up on the neck

Keep the shoulder blades back and down

Maintain the shape of the position, keep a micro bend at the elbows, legs are straight, abdominals are pulling down and up to lift the pelvis off the legs


Tight hamstrings- Place your hands behind the thighs instead of the ankles

Balance version- Try balancing first between the tailbone and sit bones and gently flex and extend the spine, the effort is coming from the abdominals when doing so. Feel the front and back abdominals work together to stabilize the spine


Tight hamstrings- Keep a micro bend at the knees

Avoid with osteoporosis


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