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Mat Pilates - Intermediate Exercise - Double Leg Kicks

Double Leg Kicks is an intermediate Mat Pilates exercise.

This exercise is perfect for strengthening the SBL (the superficial back line of the body) which is responsible for supporting the body in full upright extension. The back line must be strengthen to prevent the tendency to curl over into flexion (rounded upper body). This is great for people who sit at a desk a lot and or drive for long hours of the day.

The purpose of Double Leg Kicks is to strengthen the back extensors, hamstring and glutes. Plus, one gets a really nice stretch is the quadriceps (the front of the thighs) and a stretch through the chest and anterior shoulder.


Do not let the front of the hips buckle while kicking the heels towards the glutes. Think long, flat quadriceps...that is where you’ll feel the stretch in that area

Keep the head in line with the spine and your lower legs in line with the thighs

Engage the back extensors, glutes, and hamstrings while keeping the torso long and avoid and compression of the low back

Think abdominals in and up!

Keep your eye gaze just a few inches in front of the head as you come up into back extension


Tight shoulders- Avoid clasping the hands if you have limited anterior shoulder flexibility and just reach both hands towards the feet separately while practicing this exercise.


Low Back Injuries - Press the pubic bone down towards the mat to decrease the pressure of the low back. Or limit the range of extension and or avoid the exercise.

Knee Problems- Try stretching the quadriceps first before practicing this exercise. Limit the range of motion of knee flexion.


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