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Mat Pilates - Advanced Exercise - Corkscrew

Corkscrew is an Advanced Mat Pilates exercise, an inversion exercise where the hips travel overhead and are held in position in space.

One must have a tremendous amount of physical strength to control the torso in rotation (increasing spinal mobility) as the legs extend away in space in a circular action. Think as if you were painting a smooth U shape.

The upper body is working here. The shoulders are anchored, the back of the arms are pressing into the mat. Chest is open as the legs travel over head and out and around.


Imagine the legs are married, rooted together as one

Think shoulders down, backs of the arms working together to press firmly into the mat

The legs are one paintbrush, painting a circle in space

Really find that 0 point half way through where the legs and pelvis are balanced and aligned




Avoid this exercise if you have any low back, neck and or shoulder injuries

Avoid with osteoporosis


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