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Paola’s life-long pursuit of physical fitness, interest in sports, and a keen observation in how the body moves, led her to Pilates, an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates.


Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance, increases coordination and flexibility, decreases stress and improves overall health.


Paola’s passion for teaching, along with the encouragement of Pilates Master Trainers, has guided her in becoming a Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Integrated Movement Specialist, and enrolled in the 2023 Polestar Pilates Bridging Program in Pasadena, CA.


In addition to her comprehensive background, she also trains clients with the CoreAlignKonnector, and Oov systems.


Her devotion to the Pilates practice has been essential in educating her clients in the understanding of the Pilates System, and the tremendous values it affords people coming from all walks of life.


You'll find Paola's sessions to be uplifting and energetic with a focus onwhole body movement, trunk integration, lower body strength and power, upper body strength and balance, dynamic flexibility and relaxation


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